I attended college at Cal poly Pomona to earn an Electrical Engineering degree with emphasis in Robotics and Control Systems.  I have posted some of the projects I completed while attending college in hopes they can be useful to those that enjoy learning new things as much as I do.

Non-school Experimentation

Plasma Thruster page <-- see link

College Course Work, Labs, and Projects

A.F.T. (Autonomous Follower Transport) (FPGA)

Senior project 2006

The goal was to take a radio controlled vehicle I had built for carrying my engineering lab supplies and make it autonomously follow me.  The platform had already been well vetted for durability and could handle a 40lb. payload with considerable range and battery life, the terrain being the hilly campus that is Cal poly Pomona.  In short, the solution became a collection of disciplines that had all peaked my interests, from Verilog HDL coding of FPGAs to implement a fuzzy-logic controller to handle behavior of the robot, to power supplies, IR transducers, and all the lines that connect the system to function together as a whole.

Here is the final report Link:  AFT Senior Project

Digital Signal Processor (FPGA)

Link: DSP Project Report

Digital Sampling Oscilloscope (FPGA)

link: DSO Paper